Sea Urchin Spike Earrings

Revelation- Upcycled Sea Urchin and Bullet Assemblage Earrings by DanielleRoseBean

Vintage bullet casings house beautiful sea urchin spikes hung on handmade copper ear wires in the Revelation - Upcycled Sea Urchin and Bullet Assemblage Earrings ($32) by DanielleRoseBean. The earrings hang about 3" but are lightweight. The bullet casings are vintage brass. The sea urchin spikes are a pinkish brown color and completely real. Cool, huh? It's a one-of-a-kind piece so scoop it up before someone else does! DanielleRoseBean has plenty of other pieces available in her Etsy shop, most of which are quite bold and assemblage-minded, though rather beautiful.
PS - Grab up some beautiful jewels that benefit the Gulf Coast's oil spill cleanup! The piece by Mignon Faget, featured on Her Campus is just gorgeous and it's part of an entire collection which donates ten percent of proceeds to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

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