A Ring that's Out of Our Reach

We like to think that if we really scrimped and saved, we could afford just about any jewel we want, as long as we only get one. But we've met our match. This 18k Rhodium Plated White Gold, Diamond, and Moonstone Ring by Arunashi is $5,650 big ones... we don't even like to grab lunch out, so we're fantastically disappointed we can't purchase this baby. I guess we'll go run around all our favorite jewelry sites for several more affordable things to get our hopes up again. If this sort of ring is within your grasp, check out the rest of Churchill's site for other fine jewelry, antiques, art, clothes, accessories, gifts, vintage, EVERYTHING. Their sale items may provide a slightly better outlook, but the jewelry seems to be less lovely.
PS - You can get almost the same ring in Prenite for $8,250...........

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