Paradox's Playful Necklaces

We're having a love affair with this piece. Garden Graffiti Vintage Fabric Yo-Yo and Gold Chain Necklace... what a mouthful. This Garden Graffiti necklace ($30) is by Paradox, a lovely Etsy seller with a slew of beautiful jewels taking up the pages of her shop. This piece is double-stranded and has matching earrings ($16), but we think the earrings are too much. The piece is almost entirely vintage, featuring vintage gold chain and a vintage fabric yo-yo (A yo yo is apparently a circle of fabric with a running stitch along the perimeter, when the thread is pulled the yo yo gathers up and you can secure the end. It's typically used as an embellishment in sewing crafts... apparently). Like all our favorite jewelers, Paradox makes this piece one-of-a-kind. No one else is going to be running around with your favorite necklace on. Promise. And they offer up more than just jewelry. They sell handmade and vintage jewelry, accessories, apparel, and shoes! That's the whole gamut of your wardrobe. You could buy entire outfits from them...
PS - we also really like this slightly creepy aqua skeletal leaf necklace - that's not the actual name.

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  1. Thanks very much for the feature of my necklace and your extremely nice words about my shop...although I must admit the garden graffiti earrings are a personal favorite of mine ;)


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