Cylindrical Rock Necklace

We kid you not. This piece is available for you to purchase... for less than $100 - a lot less. For just $54, this polished amethyst cylinder is yours. Promise.
Ok, we'll admit the metal is kinda cheap and the chain will probably have that awkward fake-shine when we finally see it in person. But... that rock is gorgeous. It's totally worth it to have to buy a new chain and suffer through the awkward metal setting. The amethyst is thoroughly polished in the round, but raw on the bottom. The best of both worlds. We love things in unexpected shapes, like a cylindrical rock. We hate predictable jewels, like anything with hearts. Check out the Amethyst Cylinder Pendant ($54) by Snoozer Loser.
We feel we must give credit where credit is due. Refinery 29 featured this piece in their article The New Age of Birthstone Jewels last week and we just couldn't resist stealing it for Bling of the Day too. Check out their site, they have awesome fashion taste!

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