Clip-On Earrings: Part 5/5

We've made it! This week we brought you a slew of beautiful clip-on earrings. We started off with the most expensive and proceeded down from there. Everything we've posted this week is sold on Etsy, so we hope you enjoyed the hand-crafted and curated vintage pieces. Remember the golden rule when picking out clip-on earrings, they won't look good if you can see the bottom of the clip (the part that wraps around your earlobe). So make sure you get earrings that render the clip almost invisible.
Above, the Top of the Ear Cuff Hoops ($10) by AdroitJewelers are perfect for non-pierced darlings and at a price that's completely perfect for gifting to your non-pierced friends. They make your ears look perfectly pierced at the top of the cartilage. Adroit Jewelers has a simple aesthetic that makes their pieces very wearable, check them out! We totally identify with their philosophy that a pile of scraps and materials can be turned into useful and beautiful products that people enjoy wearing. Below, the Vintage Silver Floral Leaves Earrings ($2!!!!) by MyLovelyJewels are a total score and a beautiful, antique pair to show off! Check out their shop for many other great steals!

That concludes are Clip-On Earrings week. If you find other amazing clip-on bling, be sure to let everyone know in the comments! We might even do a feature on it if we like it enough.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my earrings! It's really nice that you've been blogging about non-pierced earrings.

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