Clip-On Earrings: Part 4/5

This week we're bringing you a slew of beautiful clip-on earrings. We started with the most expensive and are moving down from there. Everything this week is sold on Etsy, so enjoy the hand-crafted and curated vintage pieces. Remember the golden rule when picking out clip-on earrings, they won't look good if you can see the bottom of the clip (the part that wraps around your earlobe). So make sure you get earrings that render the clip almost invisible.
Above, the Dark Angel Earrings ($30) by Aranwen have the prettiest curve to them and are quite unique the way they hang on your ear. They are brass, plated with sterling silver and accented with oxidation. Plus, Aranwen's shop has a ton of fantastic, dark jewelry like the cufflinksring, and pendant that match these earrings. And below, the vintage Donald Stannard Lion's Head Door Knocker Earrings ($30) by MonisVintage remind us of Venice (study abroad *sigh* how we miss thee) undoubtedly. We kind of loved reading MonisVintage's profile because it's cool that she went to culinary school, had a baby boy, and now hunts for vintage finds and hawks them on Etsy so she can spend her time with her son.

PS - Those lion earrings would go really well with the Doorknocker Necklace from two weeks ago.

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