Clip-On Earrings: Part 3/5

This week we're bringing you a slew of beautiful clip-on earrings. We started off with the most expensive and are proceeding down from there. Everything this week is sold on Etsy, so enjoy the hand-crafted and curated vintage pieces. Remember the golden rule when picking out clip-on earrings, they won't look good if you can see the bottom of the clip (the part that wraps around your earlobe). So make sure you get earrings that render the clip almost invisible.
Like this pair from Jewelry By Tamar. The Sterling Silver and 9 Karat Gold Earrings ($138) by JewelryByTamar are quite fetching. We love the way they've employed less expensive materials to make them beautiful (the nine karat gold) by using them with quality materials (sterling silver) and quality craftsmanship. Or if you prefer something a little less traditional, the Steampunk Watch Earrings ($59.95) by SteamDesigns are awesome and feature free worldwide shipping! SteamDesigns' shop features an obscene collection of AMAZING bling we really want for ourselves at pretty decent prices.


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