Clip-On Earrings: Part 1/5

This week we're going to bring you a slew of beautiful clip-on earrings. We're going to start with the most expensive and go from there. Everything this week is sold on Etsy, so enjoy the hand-crafted and curated vintage pieces. Remember the golden rule when picking out clip-on earrings, they won't look good if you can see the bottom of the clip (the part that wraps around the bottom of your earlobe). So make sure you get earrings that render the clip almost invisible.
These Golden Sassafras Leaf Convertible Earrings ($1,870) are a limited edition by SimonsDesign. We think they're delightful. You can remove the pearl drops for a more versatile piece, but we prefer to keep them on unless we're going quickly from work to an evening out, in which case we would keep the pearls in our bag and put them on when we go out for an instant outfit change. The artist informed us they are 14k gold with a satin finished and engraved decoration and the clips are entirely handmade. The pearls are noted as "natural color baroque pearls", which leads us to believe they're vintage. Shipping is hefty, but if you're already paying this much it doesn't really matter. Check their shop for less expensive (as low as $18) pieces that are just as well-made. We like the Lover's Knot rings.

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