Bark Ring

Bark Ring

When does our next paycheck get here?? We're not spending it on the new lamps we need for the bedroom. We're spending it on this Bark Ring ($200) by Carrie Bilbo. Sure the boyfriend may have an absolute fit that we spent all that money on a ring (that he didn't use to propose) instead of finally getting to go to that restaurant he covets. But we won't care because we'll have this ring. It's been created from real bark, using the lost wax casting method with bronze, and then plated with 24k gold. You can get it in sizes 6-9, half sizes included. Shipping is just $5 anywhere in the world, which is no biggie after we've spent that much on the piece in the first place. There are plenty in stock so you can horde your money for a while until you can afford it.
PS - Carrie Bilbo's other pieces are also extraordinary. We love the Druse rings and the moth necklaces, oh and the raw stone rattle necklace, and the cone rings, and the wing-shaped pieces, and.... every last piece she makes! Literally every last one.

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