World Cup Bling of the Day!

Enrique Vasquez is a Columbian jeweler who was given the privilege of making the Official 2010 World Cup Rings. Each of the seven platinum rings Vasquez is making will feature 220 Columbian emeralds and will sell for $250,000. He will also make 33 white gold rings, selling for $70,000 each, that have 36 emeralds and several South African diamonds on the bands. Lastly, Vasquez is crafting almost 2,000 gold and silver rings that will feature four emeralds and sell for $2,500. A single gold ring will be given to UNICEF in honor of their work with youth, while another will be presented to the tournament's MVP. When we at Bling of the Day figure out where you can go to scoop these up, we'll let you know straight away!
PS - Check back tomorrow to finish off the week with some more affordable World Cup bling!

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