"Rock"ing Bling! Get it?

That was a dumb joke... Each of these Geode Necklaces by Allison Schiller is one of a kind, totally unique, and completely stunning. For $305, you can have your choice of stone color (brown or black/grey) set in sterling silver on a 17 inch sterling silver chain. For an extra $110, you can get 14k gold. The settings are handmade and thus higher quality, holding the stone in more firmly and accurately. They are worth the price, we promise. Buy one at her website and get matching earrings, bracelets, and rings. And don't forget to check out the Bling Earrings, because we know you love anything "bling"!
PS - If you still want more of Etsy-Love Week, keep checking back for posts featuring Etsy jewelers or read this article by Refinery 29 about Etsy's best.

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