The Mymble's Daughter (aka adorapop)

The Original Decision Maker necklace ($53) by The Mymble's Daughter would leave us never bored. Just think up a question, spin the pendant, and in a couple seconds you have the answer! It's like playing MASH all over again. It's made with sterling silver (chain included) and glass. It hangs at 24 inches and features a signature Mymble's Daughter tag at the clasp (a black crow). They remind you at the bottom of the listing that they are inspired by "castles in the air, pirates, mermaids, secret islands, fairytales, little goth girls, black roses, midnight skies, and other mysteries..." We love them.

Speaking of fairy tales and pirates... our favorite fairytale is featured in the Little Red Riding Hood ($23) necklace, we love the Queen Anne's Revenge ($62) pirate ship necklace (which opens!), and we know how popular this Alice Through the Looking Glass ($32) necklace must be with all the hype surrounding Tim Burton's adaptation of the classic story. The listing endeared us immediately with its quote straight from the book. It's double-sided, by the way! One side shows Alice about to pass through the glass while the other shows her coming into the room on the other side. You can tell the differences in the room if you look closely. The pictures are encased in a thick plastic, framed with plated silver, and hung on a 32 inch silver plated chain. It's long enough that you can wrap the chain around your neck a second time so it hangs shorter.

Prefer a little animalia? The Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Jackalope pendant ($8, above) is pretty awesome and quite easy on the wallet. Or the Jackalope Pendant ($8, below) almost gives us an excitement heart attack. (We quite like the bizarre creatures...)

This Le Fin lapel pin ($15) is inspired by French film noir. Ooh la la!
Check out The Mymble's Daughter (operating under the Etsy username "adorapop") as soon as you can for some wonderfully kitschy finds. Don't forget, you get 5 cent shipping for each additional piece you purchase in an order after the first. And check out their BIG SALE going on now and their Last Chance to Buy section for some awesome deals.
PS - We really want these Drink Me tags, inspired by Alice and Wonderland, to use on our jewelry. But we know they wouldn't make any sense...

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