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The Tiny Moss and Mushroom Terrarium Ring ($118) by WoodlandBelle (on Etsy). We adore this itty bitty greenhouse mounted on a ring. The plants are fern, moss, lichen, and red-spotted toadstool mushrooms. The rings have a turnover time of about two-weeks, but only because they make each one by hand when ordered. And the plants require no maintenance because they are preserved (but real) and not live. The fern is plastic, though. The band and setting are sterling silver.  The glass is Pyrex so it's less likely to break, but you should probably still be careful. So the whole thing is definitely made to last. Sizes 5-9 are available in whole sizes only, but make sure you are accurate with sizing. Since the ring is so large on top, it will have a tendency to flip if not fitted properly. If you live in the US, shipping is super-cheap. But everyone else should be prepared to add $15 to the total. If you love this ring as much as we do, head on over to WoodlandBelle now!

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  1. Thanks Laura; what a great blog; you've got some lovely finds featured here!


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