Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight The Black Spot Books

The Autumnal Library ($350) from TheBlackSpotBooks features 11 miniature handmade books. The covers are made from antique scrap leather and the pages are archival Strathmore paper, handtorn and hand-stitched with archival linen thread. You can choose a 16" or 18" chain, silver (for another $45) or brass. The necklace is made to withstand daily wear and tear and each book comes with a letterpress card of details (book number, title, and materials). Truly a stunning piece.

If you don't want to make quite that much of a stir with 11 books around your neck, but you'd still like a handy and beautiful little treasure to take notes in (yes, their books can be written in using all manner of writing and artistic materials), then you should look into their single-book necklaces. They are quite lovely, dangling on their own from a beautiful chain. This one, The Lazy S ($50), is made from a vintage child's cowboy belt (circa 1950s). The hole is one of the punched holes used to buckle the belt. The leather has some cool textured borders because it was once a completely different piece. The book measures just over an inch tall and about an inch wide, but it's only half an inch thick to create appropriate book-like proportions. There are 84 pages to write in and it's hung on copper chain. You can request silver or copper chains of 16 inch or 22 inch lengths for varying (reasonable) amounts extra. Shipping is acceptable and you get a discount if you buy more than one item from the shop.

This Victorian Lace Ring ($60) is amazing! The artist created a model with real antique Victorian-era handmade lace, lined it with cotton fabric, and cast it in sterling silver! Too cool... They'll also cast in white bronze for $50. This one is about a size 6 or a little smaller, but the fit isn't perfect because of the creation process. If you want a different size, poke around the shop. They're offered in several sizes and you can convo with a size request if you can't find the one you want. When it arrives in your mailbox, it will be attached (using the same lace it was created with) to a vintage black and white photograph with the title and price written at the bottom. It's their version of a hang tag and it's brilliant. We almost wouldn't want to take it off the photo if it weren't that the ring is so fantastic we have to go show it off.
The Black Spot Books is home to all sorts of curious treasures, including the great bling featured here. Be sure to browse the shop for other pieces that catch your attention. You just might find a great display piece. And be sure to read their profile. The artist travels around the world picking up vintage leathers and the other objects sold in the shop. Want leather from Ecuadorian farmers? They've got it.
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