Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight VeraMeat

The Hey Good Looking Ring ($35) by VeraMeat is quirky and clever and a complete surprise. The ring is size 5 1/2 and there's no mention of different size options, so you'll want to "convo" them and beg a little. You may also want to ask how the item was made because unless they created their own mold and casted it by hand, it's probably not worth that price tag (plus the high shipping for such a lightweight item). But there's no denying how adorable it is if you've got the money and the right-sized finger.

The Bear Bust Stud Earrings ($80) are quite the unexpected ear bling. We love their wide open mouths of doom and destruction. Same cost problems, yes, but we'll stop harping on it.

Speaking of things that bite, we love the Vampire Love Double Ring ($110). Comes in a variety of ring sizes (5 1/2 to 8) and they make it in brass (looks gold), pink copper, and silver (the silver will cost you $140). It fits slickly onto your index and middle fingers where it (purportedly) hits a pressure point or two, making you feel more relaxed. For a different take on the vampire craze, we recommend this ring and the movie Daybreakers.

The Chihuahua Ring ($58) is kitschy. If you "quiero taco bell" and want to show it, get this ring. No size or metal choices are listed, so make sure to ask before you purchase!
Overall, VeraMeat is terrible at descriptions and probably not-so-great at pricing either (especially exorbitant shipping fees!) but delivers the best in quirky jewelry. So if you can afford it and are willing to put in the time to ask questions (just convo them using the link at the right of any of their Etsy pages), then this is the shop for you.
PS - Like every post this week, this spotlight is part of our Etsy-Love Week, a welcome back for us and a celebration of our Etsy obsession. "Etsy-love" is a term for the amazingness of what we find on Etsy. Using the term allows us to show our love for particular makers on Etsy who are inspiring us, and hopefully promote them to others who will love what they do just as much as we do. Everyday this week, Sunday through Saturday, you can catch an Etsy spotlight of some of our favorite bling, so don't miss a day!!

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