Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight on bettula

Stunning birch bark bling and housewares. Yeah, we don't know how they do it, but we love it! These Birch Bark Earrings ($20) by Bettula are perfectly curvy. They are the right mix of organic and professionally-made. We love the natural textures mixing subtly with the sleek lines of the silver base and earwires. Delightfully simple and oh-so wonderfully priced.

The Birch Bark Cuff ($39) is another outstanding piece. The shape of the cuff and it's heft compliment the bark perfectly and we love that the blemish was left, it gives the piece a little character. The cuff can be resized upon request, so don't be shy if you have a large (or small) wrist or forearm.

The last piece we want to make sure you notice in this shop is this pair of earrings, the Oval Birch Bark Earrings ($34). It's like the rough portion of bark was just cut right out of the tree and gently formed into these graceful earrings. We love them! They're reversible because the back is a darker, brownish orange with a similar endearing texture. They look finished from the front and back and seem light weight.
All of Bettula's pieces are handmade, made of real birch bark, naturally water-resistant, and quite durable. They are also very well-made and absolutely stunning. We suggest you run as fast as your fingers can click over to their shop and check out the wondrous ways she's adapted birch bark! And don't ignore their housewares, they have amazing wall decor!!
PS - This post is part of Etsy-Love Week, a welcome back from our brief hiatus (filled with finals, graduation, lots of family, a big scary move, being on our own for the first time, and never-ending job hunting). It is a celebration of our obsession with Etsy. We coined the term "Etsy-love" to mean anytime we fall for something that resides on Etsy. It gives us the lovely pleasure of sharing Etsians (yep, that's what they're called) who inspire us with our amazing readers. Each day this week, Sunday through Saturday, we'll be spotlighting an Etsy shop with some of our favorite bling... so keep checking back or you'll miss out!!

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