Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight MidwestAlchemy

The Baby Geode Silver Ring ($62) by MidwestAlchemy is a knockout silver ring for your next black tie affair (or day to day glamour). This handmade ring features a natural geode in white, grey, and cream crystal colors. The band is a brushed silver and features an interesting shape to compensate for the stone. It's a size 6.5, but some of their other rings are available in different sizes. It's one of a kind too, just like everything they sell.

This stunning ring is the Amethyst Silver Ring ($62) and has a wonderful gunmetal setting and two amazing rough-shaped amethyst crystals. One is dark and the other is a brilliant light purple. They contrast perfectly. The ring band is size 7 3/4 and if you want a different size, you'll have to look at a different ring since every ring is unique.

This yellow and silver pendant is just what we need to accent our lowcut LBD at the next cocktail party (or interview if we're feeling scandalous). The Citrine Silver Pendant ($62) looks like a flower placed in the middle of a branch. It hangs vertically at about 4 1/2 inches. This is probably the most worked piece of the three we've presented here. It is made from objects that have, basically, been covered in metal with different plating processes. Then the whole thing is given a patina (a finish) and comes strung on a thick steel cable necklace (with a lobster clasp, you choose 18 inch length or choker) that gives the pendant a more industrial feel. We probably wouldn't keep it on the cable though...
At Midwest Alchemy everything is completely handmade and one-of-a-kind. They don't make the same piece twice, so never fear that you'll tell your friend about their wares and she'll buy the same piece you did! It's also a good reason for them to charge a little extra, though with these prices we're not quite sure they've figured that out unless they are getting their materials cheap or not making much money in the first place. They charge one of two prices for everything, which we find quite odd. But to each his own, we say. Their "modern sculptural gems" are so amazing we don't much care about anything else.
PS - This is the second post today due to our driving and family-time yesterday (our niece's first dance recital is tomorrow!!) and we'll continue to post daily, as we originally claimed, now. This post, like every post this week, is part of our Etsy-Love Week. You can read about that at the end of any other post from this week, but we're tired of repeating ourselves and would love for you to read another post anyway. If you like a little bling in your correspondence, you should get this Italian Sealing Wax Stamp ($6) for your letters. Just melt a little wax (from a candle, a crayon, or you can buy special wax that's a little stiffer) in a puddle on the flap of your envelope and press the stamp in. It gives your letters a personal touch. This only one left here is the letter U, but we think it can read more decorative than alphabetic, so we might pick it up anyway. Hurry and get it before we do (or someone else since it was featured in an Etsy newsletter today)!

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