Elegant Quirky Earrings

First off, we'd like to say that it's a beast getting this picture off the Neiman Marcus website. They clearly don't want to be promoted. I mean it's pretty obvious that someone can steal the design or take a screen shot and use it in their own work or some such. Making it so that you can't copy/paste the product photos does not curb any nefarious use, it just makes it difficult for people doing good things with the photos to accomplish these ends.
Rant over. We'd like to introduce you to a gorgeous pair of earrings you can wear with almost anything (we wouldn't recommend wearing them with bathing suits or gym clothes, but that's about it). The Rope Crystal Ball Earrings (on sale for $31) by Lee Angel are frankly - really pretty. All the materials are probably fairly cheap, but they look great. And the shape of the earwires echoes the curves of the spheres, as do the balled up back ends of the earwires. Very chic appearance, but they're also quirky because the bigger ball is made from thin rope. Grab up this pair for the perfect daily accessory or nighttime bling.
PS - We'd like to inform all our readers of an exciting new "blog" Bling's owner writes for now. It's the Children's Arts and Crafts section of the Examiner online. Check it out for some great, and easy, DIY articles.

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