Delicate Lariat Necklace

Tom Binns creates some pretty snazzy, dramatic jewelry. But we prefer this delicate lariat chain with a  round crystal pave bead at each end. The Bejeweled Lariat Necklace ($628) by Tom Binns is available at Shopbop. (Yes, we hate when designers choose to not sell their work on their own website too.) The chain is 18k gold plated and the beads are sterling silver crystal pave. It's 32 inches, but hangs right to that place where the sides of your breast bone diverge. And by that, we mean it draws attention to your whoo-ha's, especially if you're not quite as endowed as you'd prefer. You're welcome. Free shipping and you better jump on this fast because there are only two left!
PS - If we were different people (you might be...) we would like the Tough Chic Zipper Earrings.

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