Bling for Dad - Father's Day Edition

Possibly the best cufflinks ever for the typical nerdy dad... or for the workaholic businessman. These 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks ($195) by Ravi Ratan are available at They work, and you can have them engraved at checkout for something extra-special. They also come in gunmetal or gold. And don't forget you get free shipping!
Prefer something easier on the wallet? This Steampunk Ring ($55) by CosmicFirefly (on Etsy) is adjustable (but the band isn't the cheap kids craft kind) with a wide band and beautiful watch detailing. Click around CosmicFirefly's store a bit if you like the concept but not this particular piece. They have more like it for sale.

The Blind Faith braille cuff ($150) by Erica Anenberg is quite the treat. It features beautiful raised dots that spell out "blind faith" in braille on the front of the cuff. The underside reads "blind faith" in a lovely print. The metal is sterling silver plated brass so it will tarnish, which might give it an extra dose of testosterone. We think it's already a bit masculine and could imagine it on plenty of men's wrists.
We don't like necklaces on a man. But if you're Dad insists on thinking he's young and hip by wearing a leather cord or puka shells around his neck, please do him a favor and at least get him a masculine necklace. The Deer Antler Tip Necklace ($68) by M-K Ranch (on Etsy) is definitely masculine. The tip of the antler is protected by a tiny piece of hand forged brass, made to fit the natural point of this particular antler. The leather cord it's strung on is hand-braided, so they'll let you choose the length yourself. And you can choose between black, dark brown, brown, or light brown leather.


Or choose the Rattlesnake Rattle Necklace ($18) by JanuaryJaniesJewelry (on Etsy). The pendant is a real rattle from a Diamondback Rattlesnake. It's been preserved with salt and finished with a protective glaze, then hung from a silver plated bail. It comes on a 30 inch ball chain, which you can cut to a shorter length if you like. Free shipping in the US too!

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