We Heart Thunderstorms


We at Bling of the Day love thunderstorms... well mainly the lightning. Curled up on the couch sipping cocoa (or your personal hot beverage choice) under a warm blanket, you can watch the sky light up in a purplish hue as the lightning strikes. It's calming and meditative. This "Weather the Storm" necklace by Peggy Li calls to mind similar feelings with the subtle flow of the shape of the cloud and the bursting strike of the lightning bolt. You can customize this one a bit, choosing the metal for the chain and cloud (the bolt is always sterling silver). Metal options include rose gold, gold, sterling silver, and oxidized silver. Length options are between 16 and 20" long. Don't see a clasp? You don't need to see the optometrist. This necklace stays closed by slipping the lightning bolt through the cloud and letting it dangle, in a unique twist on the lariat style. Best part of all?? Each cloud is hammered into shape by hand so you'll never see another one exactly the same. Plus it's just under $50, here.
PS - We are sorry for the absence over the past week. It was final exams (for the last time ever!) and then it was a relaxing, internet-less vacation on a boat. We know we should have warned you we would be gone for a few days, but we'll make it up to you! Promise.

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