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No we're not back quite yet... but we wanted to let you know when we will be back - SUNDAY!!! We decided to kick things off again with a week of spotlights on Etsy shops we love. Each spotlight will feature at least three (and sometimes seven or eight!) beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry from an Etsian we adore. Get ready to see some stunning jewelry, as per usual. A teaser (and we'll admit, nowhere near the gorgeousness you're about to get for six nights starting on Sunday) for today are these "Delicia" delicate brass earrings by PeacockTresChic, on Etsy natch. The mix of brass and the pinkish champagne makes us want to whip these out for our bohemian day looks and our chic and understated night outfits. They're business-appropriate too. For just $14, you can get the one-of-a-kind pair here.
PS - We flipped to the front page of Etsy so you'd have a handy link over there and saw this amusing Avocado Necklace in the Handpicked Items section. Don't forget to come back and see us on Sunday. If you'd like to be reminded (hint hint!), you can subscribe to updates (only used for rare circumstances like major sales you need to know about and big Bling! events) by commenting with your subscribe request on any post*.
*No one else will be able to get your email and we certainly won't use it for any Spammyness since we abhor the practice and don't think it works anyway.

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