We're taking a vacation here at Bling of the Day! We should have told you earlier, we know. So to make it up to you, we're giving you a link to a wonderful collection of gorgeous jewelry by ManiaMania that is oh-so perfect for summer. The chic creams blend well with the gold and brass to create delightfully subtle pieces that look amazing against that summer tan you're already sporting. While we deal with graduation, finding a job, and moving into our new apartment for a few days, you can decide which of these amazing pieces you want to spring for. The Immortals Pendant (above) is $280, here. But it might be worth it since the materials are completely natural, including the crystal quartz stone.
PS - We advise you take care when going to the main link ("ManiaMania") because there is a racy video you might not want to see. Use the other two links to avoid the scandalous media.

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