Sly as a Fox on Our Fingers

This Fox Ring by Alkemie Jewelry (at Shopbop) is spectacular. The fox is outlined by raised lines of (what looks like, though it is not specified) brass, while the shapes are detailed with beautiful bumps and indentations. The head of the fox looks up at you, while it's tail curls around your finger. We love that it's environmentally friendly (made entirely of reclaimed metal) and that you get free worldwide delivery in 3 days or less. We hate that it's only available in size 7 and that it's $155. If we priced it, we'd pick $55. But if you like it enough to pay the price, or if you have a penchant for foxes, grab one up here.
PS - Our runners up from the Alkemie line on Shopbop are the Giraffe Ring and the Cupid's Arrow Bangle.

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