Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight on dinosaurtoes

This Bullet and Aquamarine Necklace ($38) by dinosaurtoes is awesome. Basically (very basically) a stone has been set into a bullet and then hung from a chain. But it's masterfully done. The color combinations are impeccable. The raw texture of the stone contrasts perfectly with the sleek surface of the bullet. And the chain is vintage. The elegant pendant necklace measures about 25 inches in total, which is perfect for drawing attention to the uh-huh-huh region.

The Braided Leather Bracelet ($12, above) is simplicity at it's best. The color is what gets us. That light grey has a gorgeous blue undertone that could inspire an entire room re-design. The clasp uses links from a vintage necklace to connect it to the leather and thus, you may request some links removed to shorten the almost 8 inch bracelet.

We can't get enough of this modern and playful take on the bowtie. Made for a woman (or maybe a man!), this Leather Bow Tie Necklace ($21) is about to become part of our jewelry wardrobe (well as soon as we get a job). The chain is vintage here too. We're pretty sure they are all, shopwide. The two-inch wide bow is the perfect addition to our wishlist - for now.
Dinosaurtoes made our Etsy-love selections because of their stunning design vibe. But we also think there are several notables that make them extra-great. They are "custom order, convo, and trade friendly" so they love their customers! Drop them a line if you want them to make you something special at their fantastic prices, if you just want to talk, or if you think you have something they want that you could barter with. A wide range of acceptable bargaining tools is listed in their profile. They are named after the feet of their pet parrot, Flojo, which apparently look like dinosaur toes. They love blueberry muffins and hanging out in the shower with Flojo. From what we could surmise, they use mainly vintage chain in their designs. And they make gorgeous bling.
PS - This post is part of Etsy-Love Week, a welcome back from our brief hiatus (finals, graduation, moving, job hunting - still looking!!) that celebrates our love (read: obsession) for Etsy. We coined the term "Etsy-love" to mean anytime we adore something that can be found on Etsy. This gives us a great opportunity to feature Etsians we admire in the jewelry field. Each day this week, Sunday through Saturday, we will spotlight an Etsy designer making the best bling. Keep visiting each day this week so you don't miss a dose of Bling!

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