Etsy-Love Week: Spotlight on HAUS Leather

While HAUS Leather has a slew of belts and bags... and suspenders, this small leather studio operated by Aaron Arlinghaus in Ithica, NY makes some smashing leather jewelry. Above is the Leather Knot Cuff that is on sale for $25 and available in black, a deep purply red, and this beautiful brown shown above. The shipping is a tad hefty, but for a bracelet this lovely and this high-quality it's an outstanding price. HAUS Leather's cuffs are amazing enough to feature four. The second one we love is the Split Double Stud Leather Cuff, shown below. It's a whopping $60 plus shipping, but the construction is beautiful. You can get it in the same three color options and it's made from California Oaktan Leather just like the other cuff.

The Bull Fight Gladiator Lace Cuff (above) is a more masculine version that laces up in the back and features a stunning handcarved image of a bullfight. There are size options for men and women both for the same price - $95. The Turquoise Leather Cuff with Brass Hardware ($65, below) is a feminine departure with the creative use of turquoise coin beads sewn onto the leather. It also features a feminine clasp rather than the buckle of the first two cuffs or the rough lacing of the one above. We imagine this dangling from your wrist at an outdoor summer party or a small folk music event at a local bar.

Great things about HAUS Leather are that everything is handmade (even the clasps), they'll customize the fit at no extra cost, and they seem to love collaborating on custom pieces for their clients and on pieces to sell (like the turquoise cuff above, a collaboration with SeeGreen (also on Etsy and also delightful). So if you love their design and want to make something with them, contact them through the right bar on any of their Etsy pages or on their official website, which is quite the testament to spiffyness.
PS - This is the first installment of Etsy-Love Week! We were gone for a while (finals, graduation, moving into our first apartment, looking for a job - still haven't found one! Pay us to do something please!) and this is a celebration of our return to Bling of the Day. We have a lot of love for Etsy, so we've coined a lovely term of joy and wonder "Etsy-love" to mean anytime we adore something that can be found on Etsy. This gives us a great opportunity to feature Etsians who are making our favorite pieces of bling. Each day this week will be a spotlight on an Etsy seller we have an urge to present to you. Because of this special week, we're starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday so you get the full seven-day experience! Keep coming back each day this week for another fabulous dose of Bling!

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