A 2x4 Board Silver Ring


The Wood collection by Digby and Iona is visually like no other. The collection is just getting started, with only two pieces thus far, but is sure to be another show-stopping edition from the label (just like Fight or Flight). This "2x4 Ring" bears a striking resemblance to the widely used board but, rather than wood, is made from engraved sterling silver or vermeil and you can choose to have a diamond set into the "knot" of the "wood". If you're looking to spend a few extra clams, you can request a price quote for 14k gold. It comes in almost any size you could ever want (4 through 11) and features a gorgeous slim opening that allows it to appear more board-like. In fact, the ends of the "board" have a different wood grain and you can see various imperfections across the band just like you would with real wood. (Play on words intended.) Get it for $140-190 depending on your material preferences, here.
Be sure to check out the other piece in the collection, the Stump Ring, as well. Though not as stunning and clever, we love that it can be customized and that it has it's very own movie.

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