Warmth that Feels Like Summer

It feels like summer. It's been at least 70 degrees outside for several days straight here (in North Carolina) and we love it. But, it feels like summer. And it's not summer. We can't help but be a little disappointed because, while there's still work and stress, summer feels different. Summer feels better. There's something about freezy-pops, bathing suits, and beach balls... maybe the smell in the air or the happiness of kids without school? We don't know, but we love summer. And so we want to push that summer feeling we're getting from the weather even further: with this ring. Remarkably resembling an actual seashell in the way it lies in the sand, this Polished Brown Speckled Seashell Ring by By Milena is going to thrust us into the land of sunglasses and sandals and Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. ("Yay!") It looks so much like a seashell because it is handmade from a real shell!! The band is mother of pearl and the shell has been treated with some lovely touches of the artist's hand that make it that much more beautiful. And it's only $49! Plus, it comes in sizes 5-9 so you can customize your fit or you can request a size if they don't stock yours! That's going the extra mile. We feel like making our own inferior version with a little glue, a shell, and a cheap adjustable ring base. But we know it would look like a third-grader made it. So we'll settle for buying this professional version instead, here.
By the way, they make several of these in different colors, so head over there and pick your poison.

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