Unexpected Insect Earrings

Kris Nations Gold Cicada Wing Earrings

       We apologize for our missing post yesterday (two posts today to make up for it!), we were finishing the last class day of our undergraduate careers and then celebrating - Five Guys style. Onto the jewels!
These Cicada Wing Earrings by Kris Nations (at Max & Chloe) are simple and clean but feel oh-so detailed. The 14k gold "overlay" is a nice touch and the length (about 2 inches) is perfect. But what we really love the most is the poetry of the open, airy design to mimicking the ideas of flight, air, and wind that are intrinsic to wings. We also like that they aren't butterfly or dragonfly wings. Frankly, we're tired of those "flies" and these earrings have moved us on to cicadas! They come in silver and gold, by the way, and are just $60 a pair. If you prefer to buy straight from Ms. Nations herself, they're only $55, here. What are your thoughts on buying from the artist or supporting the ease of one-stop shopping by buying at a larger retailer?

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