Something Blue

Planning a wedding? We think this is the perfect "something blue" to go with your old, new, and borrowed things. Actually, this ring could double as something new and something blue. And we love rhymes. Kara Ross (yes, we love her!) makes this Raw Aquamarine Ring as part of her fine jewelry collection. It was featured in Wedding Style magazine in 2008 ad we couldn't agree with the decision more. We think the unique, but subtle band is stunning for your big day and we can't find a think wrong with the natural, earthy texture of the stone. The great pair of colors is just another plus. It's set in 18 karat gold and there's no price tag attached (like many expensive and impeccably crafted things), so we have to guess it's pretty lofty. But if you're wanting to wear it down the aisle, then it might be worth it. You can click "Find a Store" to start the process of owning yours, here.

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