Julia Failey Week - Final Installment!!

eco friendly  Octopus Ring with Freshwater Pearl, Freshwater Pearl, Reclaimed Sterling Silver

The final installment of JF Week is this Octopus Ring. We think it looks like a beautiful flower more than an octopus. Actually, it makes us imagine a stunning flower wilting just like in Beauty and the Beast. But it's somehow still beautiful even after it wilts. Amongst all these deep thoughts, we are also very excited by the gorgeous pearl. We love pearls when they're used in interesting ways, like in a ring or drop earrings. For $250, the ocean-inspired piece can be yours. And you can call it an octopus, a flower, or whatever you want.  You can order this in any size you like, and there is a convenient ring sizing guide on the website to help you out. As always with Julia Failey, there is a beautiful poem at the end of the description to inspire you. Enjoy this curvaceous finger bling, here.
Next week - some lovely spring pieces and maybe a dose of Mother's Day!!

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