Dress Them Shorties in Rocks

The Raw Crystal Ring at Urban Outfitters is perfection. We love one-of-a-kind at Rame Ottone and this beautiful rock is unique to each individual ring because it's a natural stone. The metal doesn't seem high quality, but it gives a lovely antique note to the piece and helps keep the price low ($18). It only comes in sizes 6-8, but if you have to have it you could ask your jeweler to resize it for you. Since the band probably isn't a precious metal, he may have to make a whole new band so be prepared. But we can definitely see where you might, with a size 5 finger, decide to buy this little joy anyway just because it's so spectacular. Note that UO offers free shipping for orders above a certain price tag (and they have a slew of fantastic wares in clothing, accessories, and home) and free returns. We've returned before and it's not only free, but also hassle-free. But back to the ring, it has a 4 1/2 star rating from UO shoppers and 15 product reviews you can flip through before deciding to buy. But it's so breath-taking you'll decide to buy. We know. Do so, here.

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