Did the Easter Bunny Come To Your House?

He came to ours!! As our last post before Easter, we have a slew of lovely (Etsy-found) jewelry to add to your collection. Best part? It's all under $30. Let's start with the Easter Bunny Necklace by ManoCelebrates above. If that doesn't put a sophisticated touch on hunting eggs and wearing those awful Easter hats, we don't know what does. Instead, try putting this necklace on over a simple dress and prancing around proclaiming the wonders of Springtime. We might just scoop this one up for myself before anyone else can! Did we mention it's just $19, hand-constructed, and made with nickel-free bronze chain?! Get it before it's gone...
Then there's the Bunny Bracelet by MamasLittleBabies, $27 (left). The rabbit design is made of printed plastic which means you can go hiking through a forest and it will come out unscathed. It has wonderful detailing, like the tiny decorative nailheads on either side that secure the black elastic band. Luckily, the artist notes that they are willing to make more in any size you request! Plus, the packaging is delightful...
This Birds Nest Ring by VeraRodrigues, $18 (right) is so precious. The only thing we would ask is that it weren't made on an adjustable ring. We really don't like adjustable rings... they feel cheap on our fingers. But.... this ring looks just like a little basket of robin's eggs. Quite in the spirit of the holiday, if we do say so ourselves. It's a nice dose of Spring without shoving it in your coworker's faces. You can also ask for a silver ring base.
Lastly we have these Chocolate Bunny Earrings by SiblingStew, $13 (below). Potentially saving the best for last, here. They look like real chocolate!!!!!!!!! We want to grab them out of our computer and eat them. Now! But alas, you can't grab things out of your computer (at least not yet!). So we'll settle for ordering ourselves a pair. It looks like there are only a spare few in stock, so we're going to move fast! Instead of chocolate, they are polymer clay. So don't try to eat them. PS - the shipping is uber-cheap, even international!
Happy Easter!!

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