April Fool's!!

Today is filled with all sorts of goodies. We'll start with the fun April Fool's Day joke. This mustache necklace by GloriousHats on Etsy can (and is meant to) be worn around the head as a fake mustache. We love it. It's felted and beaded and beautifully large. It would be a lovely addition to your costume wardrobe or for a rainy day at the office. It's hand sewn with silk thread, stuffed with wool batt, and accented with hand-embroidery in white yarn and glass seed beads. The best part is that it's entirely handmade and actually "fits comfortably on the upper lip". You can tell from the beautiful pictures that the curve of the center of the mustache does fit well against an upper lip. At just $35, definitely enjoy this version of the mustache craze here.
Next we have a slew of Fool's Gold jewelry for you... get it? FOOL'S gold, April FOOL's. Right, now joking aside. These are beautiful pieces...

        Image of 24K Gold Plated Chalcedony Pendant                                            

Left to Right: Pyrite Cluster Statement Necklace by ACommonThread (on Etsy) $37, 24K Gold Plated Chalcedony Pendant by Snoozer Loser $70, Pyrite Cocktail Ring by AmandaJoyJewelry (on Etsy) $160, Fool - Pyrite Druzy Filigree Earrings by SoulyStonesLite $70, She's Got Them Twisted by PoppySeedsDesign $65.
Less than the real thing, these are lovely interpretations of Fool's Gold, a material that typically works for "fashion jewelry" and shopping malls rather than beautiful jewels sophisticated fashionistas like yourselves prefer to wear. We're tempted to go on an April Fool's binge and buy all five of them! Maybe you should too. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for our Easter edition!

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