Free Julia Failey Pendant?!

Julia Failey Eco Friendly Jewelry Boutique

Remember Julia Failey Week a little while ago?? Wanted to let you know that members of Julia Failey's "Guest List" (their newsletter subscribers) will be sent a survey next week and several ("a number of") people who give good feedback on the survey will be sent a brand new (not yet released - totally new and beautiful) personalized pendant for free from her new collection. The pieces aren't even shown on their website yet. And even if you don't win a free one, you get first dibs on buying from the new collection. The survey is only live for a few days so hurry up and sign up for her Guest List, here on the right side of the page. Fill out the survey the second you get it! Good luck on your free pendant!


Blue Handknit Bracelet - Rame Ottone is Open!!

We listed our first item in our shop, Rame Ottone (on Etsy), today!! We're oh so excited. It's this gorgeous blue knitted bracelet with a vintage button. It fits a variety of wrist sizes and uses the button as a clasp. The blue yarn has some really excellent subtle color variations. We love the contrast of the yarn and the glimmery button, the mass-produced and the handmade, the metal and the fiber. We'll make these bracelets in any color or with any button you like. We especially want to take your old sweaters and buttons (all those memories from your old clothes) and upcycle them in a bracelet for you. For only $15, even a custom order, you should hop on over and get a hand-knitted bracelet, here.

Unexpected Insect Earrings

Kris Nations Gold Cicada Wing Earrings

       We apologize for our missing post yesterday (two posts today to make up for it!), we were finishing the last class day of our undergraduate careers and then celebrating - Five Guys style. Onto the jewels!
These Cicada Wing Earrings by Kris Nations (at Max & Chloe) are simple and clean but feel oh-so detailed. The 14k gold "overlay" is a nice touch and the length (about 2 inches) is perfect. But what we really love the most is the poetry of the open, airy design to mimicking the ideas of flight, air, and wind that are intrinsic to wings. We also like that they aren't butterfly or dragonfly wings. Frankly, we're tired of those "flies" and these earrings have moved us on to cicadas! They come in silver and gold, by the way, and are just $60 a pair. If you prefer to buy straight from Ms. Nations herself, they're only $55, here. What are your thoughts on buying from the artist or supporting the ease of one-stop shopping by buying at a larger retailer?


Yummy Nectarine Necklace

This Nectarine Calcite 'n Crystal necklace by peaceableempire (a fellow Etsy jeweler!) has the richest orange hue. Yummy! We love a brass chain, especially when it's worn in, and the details on this baby are 'eyegasmic'. Those tiny jump ring put on either side don't seem necessary at all, but they work. The added small crystal and the way the nectarine stone hangs sideways are impeccable choices. The only thing we would change? That lobster class seems cheap. Important to note that the chain is 16 inches.
Something fantastic? Free shipping within the United States!!
Get your own nectarine necklace for just $50!


Finally - A Delicate Amulet

Green Amethyst Lotus Necklace

This Green Amethyst Lotus Necklace is the perfect balance of simplicity and statement. While definitely a statement-making piece everyone will notice, this necklace is chic, clean, and delicate rather than big, bright, and showy like most amulet necklaces. It comes from Georgie Designs (don't be thrown off by the too-pink, too-bold look of the website - the pieces are actually quite delicate and lovely) and is available in chain lengths of 16, 18, and 20 inches. We think the piece would look great hanging at any length. Maybe we're picking with chains over here, but we don't much like style of these up next to the exquisite craftsmanship of the handmade pendant. At just $48, this is perfect for beachy, summer days and having a meal outside. Be sure to read the lovely poetic description of the lotus flower included on the page, here.


Just Horse-ing Around

Gold Horsebit Necklace

Incredibly clever, this necklace is a new take on the pendant. The Horsebit Necklace by Privileged comes in gold on an eighteen inch chain. For once, we think we would leave it on the chain it comes with. While not perfect by any means, we think the chain is passable and changing it would require too much work and jewelry skill for the (above) average lady. We love this for anyone who enjoys horseback riding; that's why it makes the perfect gift. With Mother's Day just around the corner, this would be a lovely gift for your chic mom who sometimes goes to the stables for a quick trot on the trails. And don't forget about your grandmother, aunt, sister, etc etc. All moms need some attention on this special day! Just $53 - here.

Shimmer and Shine

... with these sparkly bracelets by Rosena Sammi. We're writing late because we just got back from the Ben Harper concert, hence the title of this post. It was spectacular, if you're wondering. You can get these Rishi bracelets in gold or silver for just under $50 and they gently jingle jangle on your wrist all night. Perfectly paired with jeans and a black tank top, one of these babies can transform your outfit into a night-time ensemble. They're oh-so Bollywood (which we don't really like, but this somehow hops subtly on the trend without screaming it out to the world) and oh-so unique with the gentle twist of all those wires. Take a closer look, here.


Something Blue

Planning a wedding? We think this is the perfect "something blue" to go with your old, new, and borrowed things. Actually, this ring could double as something new and something blue. And we love rhymes. Kara Ross (yes, we love her!) makes this Raw Aquamarine Ring as part of her fine jewelry collection. It was featured in Wedding Style magazine in 2008 ad we couldn't agree with the decision more. We think the unique, but subtle band is stunning for your big day and we can't find a think wrong with the natural, earthy texture of the stone. The great pair of colors is just another plus. It's set in 18 karat gold and there's no price tag attached (like many expensive and impeccably crafted things), so we have to guess it's pretty lofty. But if you're wanting to wear it down the aisle, then it might be worth it. You can click "Find a Store" to start the process of owning yours, here.


Sprung Spring Ring!!


Want a constant reminder of Springtime while you're stuck in the office? Of course you do. And this ring does the trick. A beautiful mother-of-pearl egg lies on a gold-plated, textured nest and opens to reveal three little eggs (two fresh-water pearls and an enameled "cracked egg"). The details in this are exquisite. The band is richly textured to look like a tree branch, and the nest is textured similarly - but just different enough to make it look like pine straw and other nesting materials instead of wood. The mother of pearl glistens and looks great both closed and open. The nest is textured on the inside too (this is huge!) which is a mark of an expensive piece... and it's only $54. We couldn't tell you why it's a Tinkerbell Egg Ring (by Disney Couture) since Tink has left no marks here, but we don't really care. Get your own nest egg at FredFlare, here.


Julia Failey Week - Final Installment!!

eco friendly  Octopus Ring with Freshwater Pearl, Freshwater Pearl, Reclaimed Sterling Silver

The final installment of JF Week is this Octopus Ring. We think it looks like a beautiful flower more than an octopus. Actually, it makes us imagine a stunning flower wilting just like in Beauty and the Beast. But it's somehow still beautiful even after it wilts. Amongst all these deep thoughts, we are also very excited by the gorgeous pearl. We love pearls when they're used in interesting ways, like in a ring or drop earrings. For $250, the ocean-inspired piece can be yours. And you can call it an octopus, a flower, or whatever you want.  You can order this in any size you like, and there is a convenient ring sizing guide on the website to help you out. As always with Julia Failey, there is a beautiful poem at the end of the description to inspire you. Enjoy this curvaceous finger bling, here.
Next week - some lovely spring pieces and maybe a dose of Mother's Day!!


Never Fear, Julia Failey Is Here!!

eco friendly Tiger Ring, Reclaimed Sterling Silver, Oxidation        eco friendly Vine Bangle in Gold, Reclaimed Sterling Silver  Gold Vermeil

We promise we didn't forget... it's just that our Mommy came to visit and there was a big performance and some crazy deadlines. We didn't get home until after midnight. So we're giving our wondrous readers a double-dose of Julia Failey today. JF Week ends tomorrow so stay tuned for one last dose of this artist's stunning and completely wearable jewels.
On the left we have the Tiger Ring in reclaimed sterling silver. At just $65, we may pursue this band as a solution (finally!) for the animal-print trend that is usually oh-so-tacky. It's a little dose of the fierce print without being too showy. We don't like showy; we like stunning. It's only available in size 6 or 7, but I bet if you're willing to pay a little extra JF might make a custom size for you. She does custom bridal orders, so why not custom sizes of her collection pieces? Be sure to read the adorable description that speaks to the majestic nature of tigers and the sweet quote from Helen Keller toward the bottom of the listing, here.
On the right is the equally-fierce Vine Bangle in gold. While this is a tad pricier at $115, it could be worn with almost anything. If you've got a little extra cash to spend, I would suggest buying three for some stacking options; but the bracelet works just as well alone. The spikes are detail enough to make the piece interesting and to expect a few compliments. But the bangle is simple enough that you'll know that if people are staring, it's at your good taste. We imagine this as a good accessory for a concert, a date, or catching up with a close friend at a cafe. Take a closer look, here.
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for our last installment of Julia Failey Week!! And look out for some more kitschy treats next week if JF isn't sitting well with you...


Julia Failey Week - We Wish We Could Fly

eco friendly Butterfly Pendant Necklace, Reclaimed Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil          eco friendly Dragonfly Pendant, Reclaimed Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil

Genius. These are Julia Failey's stunning versions of the popular butterfly and dragonfly motifs in jewelry. We usually think these beautiful insects are horribly represented in jewelry. Typically tacky, overbearing, and gaudy, these are an absolute 180*.The shape of the wings in the Butterfly Pendant Necklace is perfection. The form is so smooth and curvy. We find that it takes a minute to associate them with butterflies; instead you first see the beautiful lines and curves of the dual metals and only then do you come to ponder the meaning of the form. Take a closer look, here. The dragonfly wings are a little different, but just as freakin' amazing. Gently curved sides and fine, precise detailing create each wing. The way they hang slightly overlapping is delightful. They're equally together and apart at the same time. These are easily the perfect accessory to your favorite LBD at the next evening shindig. Pick them up, here.
We used to imagine we could fly as kids. We would run really fast and in our heads it felt like our legs kicked us off the ground and pushed us into the air where we would soar above everything. With this sweet memory in our minds, we decided we want both necklaces. These pieces share so many lovely characteristics like the sweet poetic passages included at the bottom of their description pages. They are both made of reclaimed sterling silver and gold, both could use a quick trip to the jeweler's to switch out the slightly-showy and distracting chain, and both include a captivating literary description. Why stop there? They are also both a pretty penny at $175, but not so pretty that you can't save your coins for one! And.... they both have an earring version and an alternate necklace version. There are so many ways to wear these wings. We could even imagine wearing them as a daily piece in the spring and summer months. So light... so airy...
Now go out and enjoy the beautiful weather and try your hand at flying!


Julia Failey Week!!

eco friendly Mustache Cufflinks in Silver, Reclaimed Sterling Silver

We just decided. This is going to be a week of Julia Failey. Rachel Zoe turned us onto her in The Zoe Report e-newsletter the other day. Not much for Ms. Zoe's style in general, every once in a while we come upon something grand. There was something about the pictures shown in the article, though definitely not the pieces we would choose, that made us click click click on over to Julia Failey's website. Mmmm.... definitely a good decision. So here we are, after perusing the website for an inordinate amount of time, deciding to make it Julia Failey Week.
The first installment - these humorous Mustache Cufflinks. There are a thousand reasons to be in love with these and with JF in general. So one hundred percent of the proceeds from these cufflinks go directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. We love this and we love the subtlety of the raised mustache shape placed upon the smooth oval disc. We might give a pair of these to our certain-somebodies who usually aren't too keen on dressing up. Get them for $115, here.
Still to come in Julia Failey Week - animal instincts, the nature of eco-friendly JF, an octopus floral, lots of wings, and a prickly bracelet!!


Dress Them Shorties in Rocks

The Raw Crystal Ring at Urban Outfitters is perfection. We love one-of-a-kind at Rame Ottone and this beautiful rock is unique to each individual ring because it's a natural stone. The metal doesn't seem high quality, but it gives a lovely antique note to the piece and helps keep the price low ($18). It only comes in sizes 6-8, but if you have to have it you could ask your jeweler to resize it for you. Since the band probably isn't a precious metal, he may have to make a whole new band so be prepared. But we can definitely see where you might, with a size 5 finger, decide to buy this little joy anyway just because it's so spectacular. Note that UO offers free shipping for orders above a certain price tag (and they have a slew of fantastic wares in clothing, accessories, and home) and free returns. We've returned before and it's not only free, but also hassle-free. But back to the ring, it has a 4 1/2 star rating from UO shoppers and 15 product reviews you can flip through before deciding to buy. But it's so breath-taking you'll decide to buy. We know. Do so, here.


Almost Knotted Up

This Entrelac├ęs Ring just barely misses the knot trend that is popular with rings lately. We love the knots, but we love this delicate take on them more. This stunning ring by Cartier comes in 18K yellow gold ($850) and silver-colored 18K white gold ($970). We chose the yellow gold for today's picture. We love the oft-unnoticed detailing: the flat ends of the band that are gently curved so as to appear flat but not be in the least bit sharp, the perfectly round and perfectly smooth curve of the wire, the delicate shape that fits neatly and symmetrically against itself... deliciously beautiful. Get your own, here.


Unexpected Mix: Meteorites and Wood

This ring from Kara Ross New York is made of maple wood, 18K gold, and pave diamonds. You definitely pay for the details, like that the inside of the band is black and the intricacies of the shapes, because no price is even listed on the website. Kara Ross doesn't sell their "fine jewelry" online, but there is a handy find-a-store button on each product page. This Maple Meteorite Ring reminds us of the shape of a brush stroke in a contemporary painting and the shimmer and glitz of a disco ball - put together. Whoosh! Go ahead and check it out, here.
Not quite as fruitful as the fine jewelry, Kara Ross' online shop has some nice pieces. We went through and found a trio of bracelets for you that you can purchase online: Narrow Section Cuff in Gold and White Lizard ($280), Croc Print Link Bracelet in Teal Enamel ($110), and our favorite Small Shirt Cuff in Smokey Blue Python with Hematite ($330). Enjoy!


We Want to Ride Our Bicycles

Or maybe wear them. We miss the (summer!!) days as a kid when we would grab our bikes from the garage and ride all around the neighborhood - off into the sunset - with abandon and joy. These Bicycle Earrings at Urban Outfitters are lovely in simplicity and nostalgia. We'll be honest here, their construction isn't so great and the material is quoted as "mixed metal" which can't be good. But, as everyday earrings that all but put us back on our child-size bicycles (and at this price - $12!), we think these are delightful. And they remind us not to let go of our childhood, and sometimes are happiness, but to harness those memories and allow them to inspire our work, our outlooks, and our lives. Get your own pair of whimsical bicycles in silver or gold here.


Warmth that Feels Like Summer

It feels like summer. It's been at least 70 degrees outside for several days straight here (in North Carolina) and we love it. But, it feels like summer. And it's not summer. We can't help but be a little disappointed because, while there's still work and stress, summer feels different. Summer feels better. There's something about freezy-pops, bathing suits, and beach balls... maybe the smell in the air or the happiness of kids without school? We don't know, but we love summer. And so we want to push that summer feeling we're getting from the weather even further: with this ring. Remarkably resembling an actual seashell in the way it lies in the sand, this Polished Brown Speckled Seashell Ring by By Milena is going to thrust us into the land of sunglasses and sandals and Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. ("Yay!") It looks so much like a seashell because it is handmade from a real shell!! The band is mother of pearl and the shell has been treated with some lovely touches of the artist's hand that make it that much more beautiful. And it's only $49! Plus, it comes in sizes 5-9 so you can customize your fit or you can request a size if they don't stock yours! That's going the extra mile. We feel like making our own inferior version with a little glue, a shell, and a cheap adjustable ring base. But we know it would look like a third-grader made it. So we'll settle for buying this professional version instead, here.
By the way, they make several of these in different colors, so head over there and pick your poison.


Did the Easter Bunny Come To Your House?

He came to ours!! As our last post before Easter, we have a slew of lovely (Etsy-found) jewelry to add to your collection. Best part? It's all under $30. Let's start with the Easter Bunny Necklace by ManoCelebrates above. If that doesn't put a sophisticated touch on hunting eggs and wearing those awful Easter hats, we don't know what does. Instead, try putting this necklace on over a simple dress and prancing around proclaiming the wonders of Springtime. We might just scoop this one up for myself before anyone else can! Did we mention it's just $19, hand-constructed, and made with nickel-free bronze chain?! Get it before it's gone...
Then there's the Bunny Bracelet by MamasLittleBabies, $27 (left). The rabbit design is made of printed plastic which means you can go hiking through a forest and it will come out unscathed. It has wonderful detailing, like the tiny decorative nailheads on either side that secure the black elastic band. Luckily, the artist notes that they are willing to make more in any size you request! Plus, the packaging is delightful...
This Birds Nest Ring by VeraRodrigues, $18 (right) is so precious. The only thing we would ask is that it weren't made on an adjustable ring. We really don't like adjustable rings... they feel cheap on our fingers. But.... this ring looks just like a little basket of robin's eggs. Quite in the spirit of the holiday, if we do say so ourselves. It's a nice dose of Spring without shoving it in your coworker's faces. You can also ask for a silver ring base.
Lastly we have these Chocolate Bunny Earrings by SiblingStew, $13 (below). Potentially saving the best for last, here. They look like real chocolate!!!!!!!!! We want to grab them out of our computer and eat them. Now! But alas, you can't grab things out of your computer (at least not yet!). So we'll settle for ordering ourselves a pair. It looks like there are only a spare few in stock, so we're going to move fast! Instead of chocolate, they are polymer clay. So don't try to eat them. PS - the shipping is uber-cheap, even international!
Happy Easter!!


April Fool's!!

Today is filled with all sorts of goodies. We'll start with the fun April Fool's Day joke. This mustache necklace by GloriousHats on Etsy can (and is meant to) be worn around the head as a fake mustache. We love it. It's felted and beaded and beautifully large. It would be a lovely addition to your costume wardrobe or for a rainy day at the office. It's hand sewn with silk thread, stuffed with wool batt, and accented with hand-embroidery in white yarn and glass seed beads. The best part is that it's entirely handmade and actually "fits comfortably on the upper lip". You can tell from the beautiful pictures that the curve of the center of the mustache does fit well against an upper lip. At just $35, definitely enjoy this version of the mustache craze here.
Next we have a slew of Fool's Gold jewelry for you... get it? FOOL'S gold, April FOOL's. Right, now joking aside. These are beautiful pieces...

        Image of 24K Gold Plated Chalcedony Pendant                                            

Left to Right: Pyrite Cluster Statement Necklace by ACommonThread (on Etsy) $37, 24K Gold Plated Chalcedony Pendant by Snoozer Loser $70, Pyrite Cocktail Ring by AmandaJoyJewelry (on Etsy) $160, Fool - Pyrite Druzy Filigree Earrings by SoulyStonesLite $70, She's Got Them Twisted by PoppySeedsDesign $65.
Less than the real thing, these are lovely interpretations of Fool's Gold, a material that typically works for "fashion jewelry" and shopping malls rather than beautiful jewels sophisticated fashionistas like yourselves prefer to wear. We're tempted to go on an April Fool's binge and buy all five of them! Maybe you should too. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for our Easter edition!