Special Sunday Edition!!

To start off the Bling of the Day blog, we thought it would be nice to go ahead and do a Sunday edition of the blog. This probably won't happen again, so get excited! Our very first bling to show you is the lovely South Sea Butterfly Ring by Assael International. Usually, butterflies on jewelry remind us of a 4th grader's candy-coated, pony-filled imagination, but we've never seen a butterfly-inspired accessory look so elegant. We want this... NOW! It's made with 18-karat yellow gold, pave diamonds, and a South Sea cultured pearl.  Assael's website doesn't do online shopping, but there's a ton of eye candy. We recommend a look through while at the office tomorrow. It'll satisfy a crave to shop and give you a little dose of happiness amidst your routine. We love the way Neiman Marcus chose to photograph the piece, while we think Assael themselves didn't quite do it justice (go to rings on the bottom left and select style no. R2961). We were hoping the first bling we gave you would be a little lighter on the wallet, but alas, we saw this and couldn't resist! Coming in at more than $7,000... yes, we don't expect to pick one up for ourselves anytime soon. But if your piggy bank is full or you just want something pretty to lust after, click here to take a look at this beautiful finger bling.

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