Natural Prehnite Pendant - We Stand Firm!

Product Image 14K Gold on Silver Prehnite Bead Necklace - 18"

Today's Bling of the Day is a nice surprise. We thought we would show you something at the opposite end of the price-spectrum. This pretty piece is only $24.99 at... wait for it... Target. Yes, we do notice that awful chain it's hanging on and the way-too-large jump ring that attaches that gorgeous pendant to its cheap chain. But we stand firm! A good-quality, inexpensive, simple gold replacement chain (please make it gold, it must go nicely with the bead cap and this silver is just awful) is easy to find. In fact, you can pick one up when you buy the pendant. Target sells a couple fairly nice ones (mostly snake chains). Great things about this pendant? The bead cap is a strong sterling silver so it won't break easily, it is covered in 14K gold,  and the stone is prehnite - believed to protect the wearer on all levels and to remove toxins from the body. This is definitely one to add to your collection. It would look perfect layered with chains of different lengths, thicknesses, and styles. And that green is so natural. Definitely go pick one up while it's still on sale, here.
Bonus: Other notable jewels from Target are these speckled earrings that remind us of Easter, this emerald pendant with a multi-metal setting, and these french-wire ball earrings that we think look like they were found at a market in Morocco. Enjoy finding your newest accessories on the cheap!

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  1. Wow it seems to be very stylish. Really rocking design. I use to wear Titanium chain and Pendants all the time. It will be very cool in design as well as the metal.


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