Let's Be Princesses

Charm Teal Pearl Dangle (29611PTL)

We imagine Grace Kelly (former princess of Monaco and an absolutely stunning beauty with incredible elegance and poise) sporting these graceful drop earrings found at Pandora. The are simple, but they are the perfect mix of proper -the pearls and various stones around them- and edgy -the chains and large jump rings. We absolutely love them! And with all their beautiful detailing and stonework, you'll never guess how much (or should we say, little?) they cost. Just $75 a pair! We'll confess, they have them in more colors so you could buy pairs to go with any of your gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses. But, we really really really (really really) like the teal ones. They're like Pandora's own take on Tiffany's jewels: a darker teal and the edgy edition of the small chain. But seriously, get a pair of these and you'll look instantly put-together, graceful, and just the tiniest bit rocker-chic. Oh, by the way, they're sterling silver with freshwater pearls, cubic zirconium, and other mixed stones. Now quit reading this and click here to go buy a pair.
PS - we couldn't resist the "grace" jokes... just spare yourselves read right through them, please.

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